26 Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

26 Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids

With the summer here, we know that parents are looking for the healthiest snacks for camp, travel, and road trips. Below, we are sharing a list of our top 26 summer snacks to keep your kids fueled with the vitamins and minerals they need.

  1. Fruit kebab: Get the kids involved as they make their favorite fruit combination on a stick! Some options can be grapes, blueberries, bananas, oranges, strawberries, kiwis, and more that makes for a fun way to eat and enjoy vitamin-packed fruits.
  2. Watermelon slices: Cut up some watermelon slices and place them in a container when you’re on the go. Packed with vitamin C, potassium, and B6, antioxidant-rich watermelon will keep your kiddos hydrated and boost their energy, to name a few benefits.
  3. Apple slices with almond butter: Pre-cut up your kids’ favorite apple and bring a side container of almond butter for a fiber-rich and protein-packed snack to fill them up.
  4. Frozen grapes: Frozen grapes are one of our favorite summertime snacks. Simply add your favorite grape type to the freezer and bring it with you when you go to the pool or beach. A fantastic and refreshing snack, grapes are packed with vitamins C and K and may prevent certain diseases such as cancer and improve eye health.
  5. Veggie cups and hummus: Slice up some veggies such as peppers, cucumbers, and carrots, along with a side of hummus for a vitamin-rich and planet-based snack.
  6. Ants on a log: A classic snack that’s also fun for kids to create! Top celery with some almond butter along with raisins that add fiber and natural sweetness.
  7. Trail mix: Make individual pouches for each kid to travel with their favorite mix. You can also buy nuts and dried fruit in bulk, and then have them add these ingredients to their own pouches.
  8. Banana: Simple and delicious, bananas are packed with fiber, nutrients such as potassium, folate and manganese, calcium B6, and antioxidants. Plus, they are easy to digest and super portable for travel, camp, when your kids get hungry, and the perfect first food for babies.
  9. No-Bake Chocolate Chia Seeds Bites: For a sweet treat, try our no-bake bites that are packed with oatmeal, almond butter, chia seeds, and chocolate chips for fun, healthy alternative to candy or commercial snacks.
  10. Protein kebab: Create a combo of roasted sweet potatoes, grilled chicken, and peppers for a portable snack on the go.
  11. Veggie Frittata Muffins: Made with chopped veggies and eggs for the perfect snack that is packed with protein, vitamins, and minerals. Get the full recipe here.
  12. Edamame: A simple way to enjoy protein on the go, edamame is rich in fiber, antioxidants, and vitamin K. Top with some sea salt for a simple, delicious snack.
  13. Nuts: Opt for a simple bag of nuts when traveling that are rich in protein, healthy fats, vitamin E, Copper, Magnesium, and Selenium. 
  14. Yogurt: Many commercial yogurts are loaded with sugar, opt for the plain yogurts or a no-sugar-added option such as Annie’s Organics, Happy Family Organics or Greek-style Fage or Chobani.
  15. Popcorn: Popcorn tends to get a bad rap, but this snack is actually a healthy option loaded with fiber and polyphenols when you make it at home or if you buy one with simple ingredients (eg: popcorn, sea salt, and some oil). Make sure it’s organic!
  16. Kale chips: A fun favorite to make with your kids, kale chips are delicious, easy to make, and loaded with fiber, vitamins, and minerals. Get the recipe here.
  17. Fruit smoothies: Prepare your child’s favorite smoothie and pour it in a reusable container for a great way for them to get veggies and fruits when on the go. Some ideas: our Violet Blueberry Smoothie, Refreshing Pineapple Smoothie, or our Green Orange Smoothie.
  18. Hard-boiled egg: A high protein option, eggs are one of the best nutrient dense foods. They are also heart-healthy and provide your kids with a source of ‘good’ cholesterol.
  19.  Avocado toast: A fantastic fruit loaded with healthy monounsaturated fat, fiber, and potassium, avocados are super nutrient-rich and delicious as is or on your favorite piece of bread. Try our version made with sweet potatoes as the base and then layer with avocado, cucumbers, or bananas. 
  20. Sweet potato fries: Enjoy this wonder food when you’re on the go by enjoying them as fries! Packed with vitamins C, D, and B as well as calcium, magnesium, and potassium, make our Oven-Baked Sweet Potato Fries with your kids and pack them in their lunches or during your travel. 
  21. Veggies and guacamole: Another fun way to enjoy avocados is in guacamole! Get the kids to make guacamole with you as you add in natural, fresh ingredients and enjoy it with cut-up veggies. If you want to avoid the guacamole from getting black, add the avocado seed to the guacamole.  Like magic, it keeps it from getting black
  22. Almond butter and bananas: Enhance your banana with some nut butter. If they are adventurous, you can add some chia seeds on the side for a protein-packed snack.
  23. Healthy popsicle: Trade in ice cream for a healthy alternative with our Homemade Fruit Popsicle. Kids will love getting involved and making their own treats where you can test out different combinations or add in their fruits.
  24. Whole fruits: Always have your child’s favorite fruit on hand. Some great ones to travel with include apples, plums, pears, peaches, grapes, etc. Opting for fruit before an unhealthy option ensures that they are getting the fiber and vitamins and minerals they need as well as likely filling them up and helping them to want and make good choices in the future.
  25. Rice cake with almond butter and chia seeds: For a crunchy snack, opt for a no-sugar rice cake and top it with your child’s favorite nut butter. You can also sprinkle some chia seeds for added benefits from fiber and omega-3.
  26. Plantain chips: A healthy favorite, plantain chips are loaded with potassium, fiber, and vitamins C and A. It only has 3 ingredients and no added preservatives or chemicals!
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