Veggieman Activity Pages

Dive deeper into the world of Veggieman. Take part in the battle against junk by The Adventures of Veggieman: Food Fight! Downloading fun activity pages!


Choose Healthy!


Discussion Questions


Door Hanger


Pencil Toppers


Word Scramble

Teachers Guide

A guide for teachers on how to use the book with their students created by Marcie Colleen based upon the picture book by Karla Farach, illustrated by Rob Foote.
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    At Mothers of Health our mission is your family’s wellbeing.  Our Children’s health is a direct  result of the foods they consume. We need to empower our children to make the right choices, and saying no to Junk and ultra-processed foods is an import part of making the right choices.  With this in mind I wrote “The Adventures of Veggieman: Food Fight”.  To unify children and unify mothers across the globe to raise healthier children.”

    -Karla Farach-
    Integrated Nutrition Health Coach
    Author “The Adventures of Veggieman: Food Fight”
    Founder of Mothers of Health LLC

    The Doctors of the future will no longer treat the human frame with drugs,
    but rather will cure and prevent disease with nutrition

    -Thomas Edison