Why It’s Important to Read to Your Child

Why It’s Important to Read to Your Child

Do You Read to Your Child? Here’s How It Can Make a Difference

We all grew up loving that one children’s book that we would want our parents to read to us every night. In fact, you could be one of those with a collection of books where you learned about different places, characters and even the love for food.

These days, children are more likely to grab their iPads than a good children’s book. But there will always be something special about reading a story to them, not only to entertain them but also to bring them these benefits that could make a huge difference in their lives:

It helps with their listening skills

If you notice, children these days have a very short attention span because they’re used to having everything fast due to technology. But reading is an activity that takes time and patience, and they must listen to get a full grasp of a story. According to studies, children must need to acquire listening skills before they can read, so it’s quite beneficial to read a children’s book to them regularly

It promotes cognitive development

Reading to a child regularly has been proven to help improve their ability to think and understand. A study from 2013 showed that babies who are regularly read and talked to scored higher in cognitive development and language skills. This benefit also extends to the teenage years where a 2018 study revealed that verbal interactions like reading between parents and their young children may help promote better IQ and language scores up to age 14.

It prepares the child for academic success

Although you should never put pressure on your child to get straight A’s in school, reading to them regularly will give you an opportunity to expand their vocabulary and language skills, so they can prepare to read in kindergarten. According to studies, children who read well are also more likely to graduate from high school. A study from the University of Michigan also revealed that there are five early reading skills that will help with development: reading comprehension, vocabulary, fluency, phonemic awareness and phonics. These skills can all be learned and taught by reading to your child at an early age.

It improves concentration

Most children these days have very short attention spans, and this should be managed properly with the help of reading a good children’s book. Making sure that you read a children’s book to your child every day means that you get to help them develop important concentration and self-discipline skills, which they can use later in life.

Of course, reading to your child and investing in books for them is a great way to build and nurture that bond that you have with each other. We live busy lifestyles, but that doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t make time for our children and reading helps to solidify that relationship that you have with your child because when you’re reading to them, they feel more secure and loved knowing that they have your full attention during that time. To learn more, be sure to check out our book “The Adventures of Veggieman: Food Fight Book”, our website or contact us at Veggieman.

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