Did you know that these spiky fruits don’t grow from trees or leaves, but they grow from the ground from a leafy plant? Pretty cool, huh!

Indigenous to South America, the pineapple plant has long sword-like leaves that can grow up to 5-feet in length with the glorious pineapple in the center.

Incredibly, this isn’t the result of one pineapple but dozens of fruit-producing flowers that fuse together to make one pineapple!! How amazing is that?

To actually grow your own pineapple, remove the crown of leaves with small roots. Plant these roots and you’re on your way to your own pineapple plant!

Pineapple is also the ONLY food source known that contains bromelain which is a combination of enzymes that can help with the digestion of protein- that’s why pineapples can work as a tenderizer of meat! In our body bromelain helps in the digestion of protein and food in general. Additionally, they are rich in high quality minerals, fibers and vitamin C.

Incredibly, Christopher Columbus brought them to Europe as a prize from the New World where it was given its English name because of the resemblance to a pine cone!

Isn’t it amazing how this incredibly delicious fruit goes a long way before it makes its way to your home.

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