Pandemic Influencing More Junk Food

Pandemic Influencing More Junk Food

After an interview with Mothers of Health founder, Karla Farach, author of the Children’s book, “The Adventures of Veggieman”, is confirmed the most recent report by the CDC: junk food consumption is on the rise due to the pandemic. Juxtaposed to the obesity statistics of children today, if things weren’t bad enough, the Coronavirus has American kids consuming more junk food than ever before. According to QSR Magazine, quick service leaders as McDonald’s and Chick-fil-A sales are on the rise.

The fact remains that despite the alarms about the importance for families to focus on better health practices during COVID-19, American households are not taking a global pandemic as a warning sign that better food consumption is important and protecting our children from processed and junk food is imperative during these challenging times. Unfortunately, kids get over 13.8 percent of their daily caloric intake from fast food — a constant rise since 2015. Unfortunately, it is a fact that black and Latino children tend to consume a higher amount of fast foods than other groups, and over one-third eat fast food daily.

This is the motivational trigger that inspired Karla Farach, a certified Health and Life coach residing in Greenwich, CT, to write “The Adventures of Veggieman” and to also offer parents a platform with information and tips about children’s health and wellness, at www.veggieman.com. . “Children are raised in this media vacuum of junk food from advertisements, contests, and other invitations and incentives— and parents simply tend to give in to this quick fix to feed the family because they are struggling with time constraints. During the pandemic it’s even worse — the stress level in America right now is chaotic and giving in to the temptation of a quick meal or quick snack is overwhelming. So now more than ever empowering kids to make better choices is of extreme importance. Educating and giving families an alternative and a support system through an entertaining book, along with healthier recipes and options you can find at www.veggieman.com is a must. “Parents have to get to the kitchen and cook real foods for their children, make them help you and learn that consuming the right foods is not so difficult, making the right choices will go a long way for them and will prevent many future health issues. This practice of consuming real and healthy foods, will provide the quality of life our children and our families deserve”.”

According to an NBC News interview with Dr. Eliana Perrin, professor of Pediatrics at Duke University School of Medicine, supports Karla’s dedication to the American family. Dr. Perrin confirms, “These are not surprising findings when you think about how strapped families are these days for both time and money, and how fast food can be an easy option for stressed families”, Fighting the consumption of processed and junk food in America has been Karla Farach’s personal quest where if families were relieved of their financial and time obligations on any given day, cooking at home is actually less expensive, and turning it from a chore to an adventure with kids, might be a start towards better eating. Teaching our children, the difference of what real food and processed and junk foods are should be a goal. They deserve to know the difference and how it can affect their lives.

Readers are encouraged to visit Veggieman.com with their children and explore options for better nutrition and engaging in the battle against junk food in America.

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