How Do Children Learn About Food?

How Do Children Learn About Food?

The Role You Play in Helping Them Make the Right Choices

We would never survive without food. But now, eating isn’t just about feeding the body with the nutrients it needs to survive, it’s also an experience that we want to enjoy, which is why it’s very important to instill in our children the love for food and making healthy food choices at an early age.

But how exactly do children learn about food and what role do you play in teaching them its value?

Teach through your actions.

A lot of parents love to talk about health and wellness to their children and even impose certain health rules around the house. Unfortunately, they don’t follow them, so it’s hard for the younger ones to understand exactly why they need to take fruits and vegetable supplements and eat healthy when it’s the opposite at home.

If you want to let your children make healthy food choices, you need to make healthy foods the default option for your meals. Take the younger ones grocery shopping for vegetables, fruits and meats at the farmer’s market and allow them to participate when you’re cooking, so they understand exactly what goes into their meals.

Tell a good story.

Children are fascinated by stories and it’s easier for them to understand things when they’re told through a story. So, if you want your children to listen intently to what you’re teaching them, you can buy a children’s book, like The Adventures of Veggieman, that talks about the value of vegetables and eating healthy. This will make it a lot easier for you to explain why it’s important to make the right food choices and the best foods that they should eat to nurture their bodies.

Avoid tagging foods as “good” or “bad.”

A lot of parents make the mistake of categorizing food as “good” or “bad.” This will not only confuse children but also make it harder for them to decide which foods they should be eating when what they like could make them guilty when it’s called “bad” food. Instead, you can talk about healthier foods as getting the “green light” and the not-so-good ones as those that they need to “slow down” on. You can also explain that the good food choices need to be eaten every day while the junk foods and unhealthy choices may be enjoyed every once in a while.

At the end of the day, making the right food choices should begin at an early age and it needs to be taught at home. Being healthy should be a lifestyle not only for your kids but for everyone in the family. Aside from practicing healthy eating habits, it also pays to invest in the best fruit and vegetables supplements that will help ensure that you and your family members are getting the daily recommended nutrients to enjoy the best in health and wellness. The Veggieman Red Phytonutrient Boost provides nutrients from ten powerful fruits and vegetables, offers powerful immune system support, and more!

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