Healthy Diet For Brain Development In Children

Healthy Diet For Brain Development In Children

Science tells us that during the first ten years of a child’s life it’s crucial to support the neurological growth that results in proper brain development. This is when skills needed later in life, such as those related to cognitive and behavioral abilities, memory, attention, impulse control, and multi-tasking, are starting to form. Nutrition plays a key role in this process, so buying and preparing the right foods is vitally important.

Naturally, mothers want to see their child do as well as possible in life. But even the most well-intentioned parent can fall victim to misleading advertising or be so overwhelmed with the pressures of time and responsibilities that not enough attention is paid to the significant difference between “real” foods and those that are over-processed, contain artificial or otherwise undesirable additives, and have little nutritional value.

What Are The Negative Effects Of A “Bad” Diet?

The high levels of saturated fat, excess sodium and refined flours and sugars found in highly processed meals are deficient in the foundational nutrients that children require for proper brain development. A lack of sufficient iron, for example, can be responsible for impaired cognition, poor development, ADHD, irritability, and fatigue. One troubling study revealed that teenagers who ate calorie-dense junk foods exhibited problems with self-control and behavior and were more prone to obesity and metabolic problems as adults.

Behavioral problems and impaired academic skills can result from inflammation in the brain – another possible result of poor nutrition. Is your child showing signs of being unusually aggressive, compulsive, or unmotivated? Junk food can cause unnatural changes in the prefrontal cortex, which is involved in both decision-making and risk-taking. It’s been shown that the incidence of depression is 50 per cent higher in adolescents who eat the most junk food.

The Changes You Need To Make

It’s really simple to create and maintain a wholesome diet. We go into great detail on our web site (veggieman.com), listing and describing in detail all of the nutrients required for healthy brain development. We’ve written a children’s book, “The Adventures of Veggieman : Food Fight” that helps you teach them the health and nutrition benefits of eating “real” foods. Visit us online to learn more.

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